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Dr. Correia has achieved her Applied Clinical Nutrition Certification and has completed training and is now a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.

Dr. Correia can evaluate your nutritional needs through the use of a symptom survey, hair analysis, saliva testing or Nutritional Response Testing and recommend the best Standard Process Whole Food Supplements to help you obtain a healthier lifestyle.

Nutritional Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analysing the body to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health.

Refresh. Replenish. Rejuvenate!

Purification is the process of addressing the natural toxins in the body. Standard Process' four purification products work synergistically in two separate Standard Process purification programs to give the body the resources it needs so that it can purify and rebuild itself naturally.

Nutritional Response Testing

Many patients we treat in our office have health concerns and issues that extend beyond the Chiropractic Adjustment. When we are deficient or imbalanced in our diet, our resistance can break down and our immunity weaken, leaving our bodies vulnerable to the wrath of unwanted, environmental stresses. Through Nutritional Response Testing and Designed Clinical Nutrition, there is hope of a healthier future!

By analyzing your body's reflexes and respones, we are able to determine the best nutrients and supplements your body needs to achieve a better, well-balanced state of health.

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Nutritional Supplements

  • Standard Process (SP)
  • Weight Loss\Management
  • Cleanse for Purification
  • Nutritious Supplements Shakes
  • Gastro Fiber for Fiber Support
  • Green Food for Phytonutrients

Purchasing Greens First online is now available!!

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Male History Questionnaire
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